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Round Rock Honey

Round Rock, TX :: Wildflower honey, year round

Konrad Bouffard

Konrad Bouffard started Round Rock Honey in 2009. Over 300 hives scattered throughout Central Texas provide a perfect, diverse pollen mix for the hard-working bees that make Round Rock true wildflower honey. Bouffard strategically places the hives in natural environments where bees are less likely to come in contact with pesticides and non-organic materials that might later affect the honey’s quality. Choosing such locations decreases the yield, but contributes to honey of uncompromised quality. Additionally, Konrad conducts exhaustive testing to guarantee that there are no fillers or any other unnatural additives. Konrad also teaches bee-keeping classes on the weekends where students visit his hives and fall in love with the Texas bees and the sweet nectar they make.