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6/19-6/25/17 Update / IG: @farmtotabletx


Austin Area: Monday – Saturday

Cedar Park and Temple:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Round Rock and Georgetown:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Fredericksburg: Tuesday and Friday

**San Antonio & New Braunfels: Monday Wednesday and Friday; Order needs to be placed by 3 PM day before delivery.**

Dallas: Monday, Wednesday and Friday; Order needs to be placed by 3 PM day before delivery.

Houston : Monday – Saturday



Austin/Dallas/San Antonio – or 512.568.2071

Houston – or 713.737.5967



Whole Goats, Grapetown Creek Farms; Fredericksburg, TX, approximately 35 lbs each NOW





Summer squash mix, Engel Farms, by the case

Pea Shoots, Bella Verdi, by the 8 oz. clam

Shishito and Padron PeppersEngel Farms, by the lb

Figs, Gundermann and Oak Hill by the case ONLY

Sungold and Black Cherry Tomatoes, Hairston Creek

Melons, Onion and Galic, Buena Tierra

Heirlooms and Peppers, Solstice


Animal Farm, Cat Springs, TX, *Certified Organic*:

Arugula, by the 2.5lb bag

Baby carrots, by the bunch

Squash Blossoms, by the clam (Pre-order ON TUESDAY & Limited availability)

Squash Blossoms with baby squash, by the clam (Pre-order ON TUESDAY & Limited availability)


Buena Tierra, Fredonia, TX, *Certified Organic*:

Butternut Squash, by the lb

Cantaloupe, Sarah’s Choice, by the each

Cantaloupe, Sugar Cube, by the each

Carrots, Bulk Orangeby the lb

Cucumbers, by the lb or by the case

EggplantChinese, by the lb

Eggplant, by the lb

Galia Melon, by the each

Garlic, Texas Rose, by the lb

Potatoes, Fingerling Austrian GoldLarge, by the lb by the case

Potatoes, Kennebec, by the lb by the case

Potatoes, LaRatte, by the lb (gold fingerling) by the case

Potatoes, Red Fingerling, Large, by the lb by the case

Potatoes, Rose Finn Apple (rose fingerling), by the lb by the case

Potatoes, Purple Majestic, by the lb by the case

Potatoes, Purple New Moon (yellow inside), by the lb by the case 

Yellow Onion, JUMBO, by the lb or by the case


DiIorio, Hempstead, TX:

Large Seedless Watermelon, by the each


Engel, Fredericksburg, TX:

Green Tomatoes, by the lb or by the case

Mixed summer Squash, by the case

Peppers, Padron by the lb or the case

Peppers, Shishito by the lb or the case



Fagan Family Farms; Kyle, TX:

Squash, Patty Pan, by the lb

Squash, Zephyr, by the lb

Tomatoes, Juliet, by the lb or the case


Fikes, Stonewall, TX:

Jalapenos, by case of 10 lbs or the lb


Good Flow Honey, Austin, TX:

Wild flower honey, gallon – non-pasteurized


Gundermann Acres, Wharton, TX: 

Cabbage, Green, By the case or head  DONE FOR THE SEASON

Figs, by the flat ONLY 

Fresh Beans, Black, 1 lb each

Fresh Beans, Lima, 1 lb each

Fresh Beans, Pinto, 2 lb each

Fresh Beans, Red, 1 lb each

Fresh Peas, Black-eyed, 1 lb each

Leeks, by the bunch

Radish, Black, lb

Radish, Purple Daikon, lb

Radish, White Daikon, lb

Radish, Watermelon, lb

Rutabaga, by the case or lb DONE FOR THE SEASON

Scarlet Turnips, by the case or lb

Purple Top Turnips, by the case or lb

Yellow Onions, by case of 35 lbs or lb


Hairston Creek, Burnet, TX:

Black Cherry Tomatoes, by the pint sized basket or by the flat of 18

Sungold Tomatoes, by the pint sized basket or by the flat of 18


Homestead Gristmill, Waco, TX:

Red Wheat Flour, 10 lb bag

Rolled Oats, Organic, 10 lb bag

Stoneground Polenta, 10 lb bag

Yellow Cornmeal, 10 lb bag

Yellow Grits, 10 lb bag

White Grits, 10 lb bag

Whole Dried Kernel Yellow Corn, 10 lb bag


J&B, Hondo, TX:

Bi-Color Sweet Corn,  case of 48 ears or by the each

Green beans, by the lb or by the case

Red cabbage, by the head by the case DONE FOR THE SEASON

Josh Ruiz, Alamo, TX:

Eggplant, by the case or lb

Homegrown Round Tomatoes, by the 25 lb case or lb

Grape tomatoes, by the lb or by the flat

Chinese and South East Asian Specialties from Khmer Farms in Rosharon, TX:Khmer Farms is a cooperative of Cambodian families specializing in Chinese and South East Asian greens and herbs. Check out this interesting Texas Monthly Article about this farm here.
Galangal, (Similar to Ginger), lb

Green Papaya, by the lb

Lime Leaves, oz



Known Source, Taylor, TX:

Oyster Mushrooms, by the lb


Martinez, Pleasanton, TX, *Certified Organic*:

Okra, by the clam or by the case


McPeak Farms, Pittsburg, TX:

Blackberries, by the case

Peaches, by the case or by the lb


Oak Hill Farm, Poteet, TX:

Beets, Chiogga, by the lb

Beets, Golden, by the lb DONE FOR THE SEASON

Beets, Red, by the lb DONE FOR THE SEASON

Peas, Purple Hull, by the lb

Figs, by the flat

Pickling Cucumbers, by the lb or the case of 25 lbs.

Yukon Gold Potatoes, case or lb (Mixed Size C + B) or (Size A)


Pink Tractor Farms, Blanco, TX:

Tigerella Tomatoes, by the lb


Pedernales Farm, Fredericksburg, TX:

Pickling Cucumbers, by the lb or the case

Yellow Squash, by the lb or the case of 20 lbs.

Zucchini, by the lb or the case of 20 lbs


Raindrop Farm, Bangs, TX:

Heirloom Tomatoes, lb


San Saba Pecan Company, San Saba, TX:

Pecan Halves, lb

Pecan Pieces, lb

Pecan Meal, lb


Sand Creek Farm, Cameron, TX, *Aquaponic & Certified Organic*:

Mint, by the lb


Solstice, Driftwood, TX:

Oyster Mushrooms, by the lb

Heirloom Tomatoes, by the lb

Sweet or Spicy Peppers, by the lb *Quantity limited*


South Texas Organics, Mission, TX, *Certified Organic*:

Oranges, case of 35 lb (72 ct.) or lb DONE FOR THE SEASON

White Onion, by the 40 lb case or lb  


Tecolote, Manor, TX:

Basil, one lb bag


Texas Black Gold, San Antonio, TX:

Black Garlic, $27/lb in 1 lb bag


Texas Food Ranch, Fredonia, TX:

Basil, by the lb


Texas Olive Ranch, Carrizo Springs, TX:

Extra Virgin Arbequina Olive Oil, gallon


Urban Roots, Austin, TX:

Sorrel, by the bunch

Patty Pan Squash, by the lb

Tomatoes, Early Girl, by the lb

Tomatoes, Juliet, by the lb


Village Farms, Marfa, TX:

Cabernet Cherry Tomatoes, on the vine, by the case

Medley Cherry, by the clam or by the case


Beefsteak Tomato, by the 15 lb Flat or by the lb



Bella Verdi, Dripping Springs, TX:

*Hydroponics lettuces, excellent micro greens, either packed in clam shells or in living strips (grown to order, only).  Please contact us for a complete list of what is available.

Bibb, case Available for Monday afternoon delivery

Micro Rainbows, 8 oz clam 

Pea Shoots, 8 oz clam


Francis and Thatcher, Manor, TX

Arugula, 3 lb box – very tasty & spicy!

Baby mixed lettuce, case of 24 heads – 10 varieties, including romaine, lolla, boston and oak leaf available

Baby Red or Baby Green Butter Lettuce, 3 lb box *AVAILABLE BY REQUEST*

Kale, 3 lb box

Speckled Romaine, 3lb box

Spring Mix, 3lb box, 15 varieties

Superfood, 3lb box



Me & the Bees LemonadeAustin, TX:

100% fresh-squeezed lemon juice, not from concentrate, sweetened with local honey & 100% cane sugar, organic mint & flaxseed, caffeine free & high-fructose corn syrup free

Case of 12 12 fl oz bottles, individual flavor per case


Lemonade with Iced Tea



Prickly Pear.




Erva Yerba Mate, Austin, TX *Certified Organic*:

Yerba Mate is a South American originated tea packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for clean, natural energy.

Case of 12 16 fl oz glass bottles, individual flavor per case


Basil Ginger

Lavender Sage

Rosemary Hibiscus







K-Tonic KombuchaAustin, TX:

Small batch brewed with high quality organic ingredients, no added sugar or juices! 

Case of 12 16 fl oz glass bottles, individual flavor per case


No. 1 – the Original, raw kombucha with a tea forward flavor

No. 2 – Master K, bold ginger with a cayenne kick

No. 3 – Flor de Jamiaca, south Texas hibiscus tea with a herbal finish

No. 4 – Golden Flower, blend of Chrysanthemum flowers, orange peel and licorice root

Sneak peek of our new tap handles! Special thanks to @chaos_woods !!


Texana Tea, Austin, TX:
Texana Tea
Locally foraged Yaupon leaves; sweet and earthy. The northern cousin of yerba maté, yaupon is the only native North American plant to contain caffeine and theobromine.

Case of 12 16 fl oz bottles, individual flavor per case


Illumination: made with organic rose petals.

Self Care Ritual: made with organic herbs and local honey.

Bee Caves Brew: original blend made with local honey.

Marfa Lite: unsweetened and un-infused; naked.


Goat Milk Products from Honey Doe Farms, Madisonville, TX:

Brie, approx 8 oz wheel

Ash Chèvre, approx 8 oz wheel

Chèvre, 4lb tub

Feta, wheel approx 1 lb

Goat Milk, gallon

Gruyere, around 1 lb each

Parmesan, around 1 lb each

Ricotta, 2lb bag


Mill-King Creamery, McGregor, TX:Please PRE-ORDER: half pints, pints, and half gallons.

The BEST in Texas.  Their milk is low-temp pasteurized and not homogenized, with cream on the top.

Whole milk:


half gallon

case of 8 pints, PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum

case of 12 half pints, PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum

1% milk:


case of 8 pints, PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum

Heavy cream:

half gallon


case of 8 pints, PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum

Half and Half:


case of 8 pints, PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum

Chocolate milk:

case of 9 half gallon, PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum

case of 12 half pints,  PRE-ORDER, One Case Minimum


Ruthie’s Homemade, Austin, TX:

Plain Greek Yogurt

*Whole fat, incubated 24 hours with 5 probiotics, samples available!



Belle Vie, Thrall, TX:

Duck eggs, by the dozen or half dozen


LaBranza Farm, Buda, TX:

Duck Eggs


Whirlaway, Garfield, TX:

Duck Eggs


Grapetown, Fredericksburg, TX:

15 dozen retail eggs
NestFresh, Gonzalez, TX:

Medium, organic, case of 15 Dozen

Large, Non-GMO, case of 15 Dozen

Jumbo, Organic (8.33 Dozen)

Pasture Raised Large, case of 15 Dozen


Three Sisters Farm, Tomball, TX:

Large, Pasture Raised, case of 15 Dozen

Retail eggs available


Whitehurst Heritage Farm, Cypress, TX:

Large, Pasture Raised, case of 15 Dozen

Retail eggs available*

Ground Turkey, 5 lb pack


*If you need to order LARGE quantities of proteins, please give us as much notice as you are able to so that we can accommodate. Thanks so much!



Bone-in Beef Chuck Short Ribs, 44 Farms

Outside Skirt, 44 Farms

Frenched Berkshire Pork Racks (8-10 bones per rack), Berkwood Farms

Wild Boar Chop, Sloan Dennis

Wild Boar Rack, Sloan Dennis


Cobb Creek Farm, Hillsboro, TX:


Whole Birds

Wings – Separate

Wings – Whole








Windy Meadows Farms, Campbell, TX:

Boneless Thighs

Bone-in Thighs


Dewberry Hill Farm, Lexington, TX:

Whole birds only

Chicken Feet

*Dewberry chickens are the best chickens available.  Pasture raised.  Typically 2.5-3 pounds per bird,  but you can pick your desired weight, within reason. Its best to place a standing order, so that you’ll always have chickens.


Berkwood Farms, Des Moines, IA:

*We are proud to work with this small co-op of family farmers near Des Moines, Iowa.  All products are certified Berkshire heirloom breed.

Butt, boneless

Boneless loin

Bone-in racks (10 bone, frenched)


Osso Bucco (Shank)

Tenderloin (1 lb each)

Belly (about 10 lb each)

Cheek (10 lb case)

Jowls (50 lb case)

Trim, 72%






Feet ***Contact us if you’re interested***

St. Louis Ribs             

Pork Femur Bones (50 lb case) 

Pork Ear (50 lb case) 

Pork Liver (30 lb case)


Mitrowski Farms, Seguin, TX:

Pasture raised, certified Berkshire, whole pigs.  Please allow 5-7 days lead time. Available in two sizes: 50-100 lb Roasters150+ lb Whole Hog


Capra Foods Lamb Cooperative, Goldthwaite, TX:

*Certified grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free, certified humane raised and harvested lamb.

Racks 9-bone


Shoulder, boneless

Leg, boneless

Leg, bone-in



Ground (sold in 2.5 lb packs)







Durham Ranch Texas sourced Wild Boar:

St. Louis Ribs

Boneless Leg

Ground Boar


44 Farms, Cameron, TX:

*Certified Black Angus, no hormones or antibiotics.



NY Strip


Flat Iron

Bavette, (Sirloin Flap) 

Boneless Short Ribs

Bone-in Short Ribs

Ribeye, boneless


Chuck Flap

Femur Bones

Hanger Steak

4 oz. burger patties

8 oz. burger patties Special order by request only

Inside Round

Inside Skirt

Outside Skirt

Shoulder Clod

Sirloin Ball Tip


Top Sirloin (Top Butt)




Wagyu Beef from Strube Ranch, Pittsburg, TX:

At 90% of all cattle grading at prime, Strube Ranch is the gold standard in Texas for medium size heard, super premium Wagyu.  We feel honored and lucky to be one of the few distributors in the entire country with access to the best Wagyu in Texas.

Boneless Ribeye

NY Strip



Teres Major

Top Sirloin (Top Butt)

Bavette (Sirloin Flap)


Flat Iron

Bone-In Short Ribs

Boneless Short Ribs



Eye of Round

Inside Round


Femur Bones



Sloan Dennis, Fredericksburg, TX:

Wild boar chops

Wild Boar ground

Wild boar racks

Wild boar spare ribs

Wild boar boneless legs

Venison ground

Texas Quail Farms
, Lockhart, TX:

*Certified humane raising and harvesting.*

Semi-boneless jumbo quail, 24 per case

Quail Legs

Boneless breast medallions

Quail knots

Quail eggs