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Our Team

Rebecca DeWater, Office Manager/Accounting

In addition to over 10 years of hospitality experience, Rebecca holds a degree in Business Management and Economics from Washington State University and a Certificate in Professional Accounting from Austin Community College. Rebecca manages Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and HR for Farm to Table as well as critical office management functions.

Favorite part about working at Farm to Table:

“I am obsessed with food, always have been, always will be. Farm to table allows me to keep an ear to the ground on the latest food trends happening in our local restaurants and lets me to be a part of delivering the freshest, most seasonal Texas produce and proteins to our community.”

Shane Haberkorn, Inventory Manager

Shane started as a delivery driver with Farm to Table and excelled in that role for over 2 years. However it wasn’t long before we realized his potential to evolve his role with our company. Shane now manages inventory, helps maintain trucks, performs deliveries, and continues to throw on whatever hat needs to be worn on any given day. 

Favorite part about working at Farm to Table:

“I like working at Farm To Table because of the casual environment and fun group of characters I get to work with daily. I also have some pride in knowing that I am helping to create positive change in the Texas food culture by providing top notch ingredients from local farms which have more of a connection to their land and animals.”  

Sam Lash, Director of Operations/Purchasing

Sam developed his passion for hospitality by working in the industry for many years in Austin. After a five-year stint working in Michelin star restaurants in Chicago and San Francisco he decided it was time to return home and help mold Farm to Table into what it has become today.

Favorite part about working at Farm to Table:

“Writing checks to the most hardworking and talented farmers and food artisans throughout Texas. Then bringing those products to our customers and being that connection from the farm to the chef.”

Jessie Brockman, Customer Service Manager

Jessie joined Farm to Table as a native Austinite and proud UT graduate. Her commitment to connecting the highest quality, local foods for restaurants has helped her become a trusted resource for our customers for over three years. 

Favorite part about working at Farm to Table:

“What I enjoy most about working at Farm to Table is the opportunity to provide a connection between the chefs I greatly admire and the Texas farmers I respect immensely for their dedication and perseverance. Those that work in either the restaurant kitchen or on farms are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet, and deserve all the praise.”

Ryan Coogler, Warehouse Manager

Ryan Coogler honed his passion for food through working on organic farms all over the country. After starting with Farm to Table as a delivery driver, Ryan quickly became a customer favorite for our downtown Austin restaurants. We had to apologize to numerous chefs when we informed them that he would no longer be delivering to them as we had promoted him to warehouse manager.  But rest assured, his attention to detail and commitment to perfection luckily now permeates every aspect of Farm to Table.

Favorite part about working at Farm to Table:

“It’s great to be a part of a family owned and operated business that treats its employees like family as well. I’m proud of what we do for Texas agriculture and of what we bring into our community. I look forward to growing and building with Farm to Table for many years to come.”

John Lash, founder and owner

Ready for a career change and intrigued by the possibility of bringing farm fresh products to restaurants and consumers, John Lash in 2008 founded Farm to Table on a shoestring budget and his wife’s old Chevy Suburban. Over the years the business has grown because of John’s passion for high quality and delicious products, his dedication to helping family farmers, and a natural ability to develop long lasting relationships with both the producers and customers. 

Favorite part about working at Farm to Table:

“Best part about working for Farm to Table? Easy. Writing checks to our hard-working family farmers. Providing the bridge to allow our customers to support family farmers and food artisans. And seeing the look on our customers face when they bite into the best tomato they’ve ever eaten.”