See what the kitchen experts have to say about us:

“I’ve been working with Farm to Table for as long as I have been cooking in Austin. Through them I have been able to source products from local farmers and ranchers that I know do things the right way even when no one is looking. Mix that with some of the best delivery drivers in the city, outstanding customer service, and an all around get it done attitude and it’s a recipe for success.”

Fermin Nunez, Executive Chef, Suerte, Austin, Tx

“A huge thank you to Farm to Table. I have been a customer since 2009 when I first met John Lash in San Antonio. With his son Sam, they have provided a consistent and reliable source of local products to my kitchen and for many other local chefs and restaurants. They have been able to source special request items with sense of hospitality and customer understanding that is greatly appreciated. They have gone out of their way to better serve our community of restaurants for over 10 years. Our menus represent the farms as best possible year round with a ton of variety and freshness. I feel better connected to the farms with John and Sam and the team at Farm to Table.”

John Brand, Executive Chef, Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

“I’ve been working with Sam and the Farm to Table team since 2013 and the world of sourcing great Texas ingredients is better because of them. We have always been very connected with all the farms in North Texas but Farm to Table gets me access to the best of the rest of our state. Whether it’s Texas olive oil, strawberry figs, amazing apples from the panhandle, or tons of other varieties of fruits and vegetables. I can always count on a well-sourced, consistent product that makes writing menus even better. Sam and the whole Farm to Table team are just as passionate about procuring great food as we are about cooking it!”

Matt McCallister, Executive Chef/Owner Homewood Restaurant, Dallas, TX

“For as big of a state as Texas is, we still want to support what’s small, craft, family-owned and special about our small farms. Farm to Table is able to make that special connection easier for us so that we can concentrate on making what’s special about farm to table ingredients into dishes that really speak of all that Texas has to offer.”

Justin Yu, Chef/Owner Theodore Rex, Squable, Public Services Wine and Whiskey, Better Luck Tomorrow, Houston, TX