We carefully source our proteins directly from Texas family farmers who maintain a safe and healthy environment and put the needs of the animals first.

Some of the sustainable and regenerative agriculture methods our farmers use are pasture rotation, non-GMO feeding practices, no use of hormones or antibiotics and no use of chemical fertilizers. Soil health and bio-diversity is a major concern of our farmers and ranchers too.

Most of our farmers have third party verification such as Animal Welfare Approved, No/No (no use of hormones or antibiotics) and Organic Certification. The remainder practice these methods and encompass these ideals by following the spirit of these requirements but have not sought certification because the cost is prohibitive for their operations’ size.

We regularly visit our farmers and ranchers so that we understand their practices better and they, in turn, learn more about our business and the needs of our customers. These are relationships that have endured over many years to the point that we presently consider the farmers and their families part of our Farm to Table family.


Mary's Organic Chicken, Sanger, CA

For whole birds or larger volume of specific cuts we work with the premier certified pasture poultry operation in the United States. They raise slow-growing heirloom chickens. All of their whole birds and cuts are air-chilled.
Non-GMO Verified
Animal Welfare Certified
Certified Humane


Capra Foods, Goldthwaite TX

Capra operates the only certified Dorper lamb program in the country. Located in the heart of ranching country, Capra partners with a network of 120 small family ranches to raise verified, all natural Dorper lambs.
100% Certified Grass Fed
Certified Pasture Raised
GAP Certified Animal Welfare
Certified no hormones, no antibiotics
Certified Animal Welfare


44 Farms, Cameron TX

44 Farms produces some of the best Certified Angus beef In the country. It is a family run ranch that has been In operation since 1904. Chefs or other large users can request custom cuts.
Certified 100% Angus genetics
Certified no hormones, no antibiotics
Certified Animal Welfare

Wagyu Excelente, Ft Davis and Midlothian TX

Wagyu Excelente raises their herd on the Gearhart Ranch in Ft. Davis, founded in 1890 and the Hi View Ranch in Midlothian. The family ranchers follow holistic livestock management practices to sustain healthy grassland systems. They own their own USDA processing facility with an environment based upon Temple Grandin’s design for humane animal welfare. Gold, Kuro and Platinum grading are available.

Legacy Meats, La Grange TX

Owned and operated by Matt Jaques, Legacy Meats has given us access to a new breed of cattle that Matt and his team helped to pioneer.  The “Gyulais” breed is a cross between Japanese Black Wagyu and Charolais.  Combine high pedigree genetics with multiple generations of professional ranching and the result is the highest quality beef we’ve ever had access to at Farm to Table.  Please inquire for availability.

Game Birds

Texas Quail Farms, Lockhart TX

TQF is truly a sulf-sustaining operation. They gather eggs from their breeding birds, raise the birds in their houses and process in their own USDA inspected facility. Many cuts are available.
Certified no hormones, no antibiotics
Certified Animal Welfare

Pekin Duck

Jurgielewicz & Son Farms, Hamburg, PA

Jurgielewicz & Son raise some of the only 100% pure Chinese Pekin heritage ducks left in United States.  For those seeking the original Pekin duck flavor and richness, all roads lead to Jurgielewicz.  We carry whole birds of all sizes as well as all cuts.
**Hormone and Antibiotic Free**


Berkwood Farms, Des Moines IA

In an effort to source a larger volume of heritage breed pork we went directly to the heart of pork country—Des Moines, Iowa. Berkwood Farms is a coalition of 60 small family farmers who raise 100% Berkshire pigs, which are processed at their co-operatively owned USDA facility.
Certified, no hormones, no antibiotics. Special cuts are available
Non confinement